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  • Welcome to eHealth Technologies' Forum

    Looking to join the forum? Here is what you need to know:

    The eHealth Technologies’ Customer Forum has been created to provide customers with a private setting to discuss ideas on how to better streamline patient intake, provide product enhancement suggestions or feedback and overall, engage with eHealth Technologies and with each other in enhancing care for patients in their time of need. As such, we want to maintain a professional and respectful conversation.

    We have created the following guidelines or rules of engagement for the group. Please note that accepting to join the group means that you accept to abide by the guidelines listed here. If any member does not abide by these guidelines, a warning will be issued. Continued violation of the guidelines after the warning has been issued may result in removal of access.
    1. To participate in the group, members must provide their work e-mail. Personal e-mails will not be accepted.
    2. The conversation will be conducted at a professional level. This means, no cursing, inappropriate posting of any media, personal attacks or negative criticism of individuals or vendors.
    3. Spam messages are prohibited. This includes sending unsolicited messages to group members, posting the same discussion multiple times, or promoting products or jobs.
    4. The Forum Moderator will monitor the group to ensure that the content is appropriate and will approve all posts prior to being made public. If at any point the moderator deems the content is inappropriate, the person posting the comment will be contacted and the content will be deleted. However, members are also encouraged to help the moderator in this process by flagging inappropriate content and alerting the moderator.
    5. Discussions must clearly invite member response and participation. When posting discussions or sharing information, please pose questions that garner quality conversations.
    6. This is NOT a Protected Health Information (PHI) secure area. Please do not post any content containing PHI.
    7. If you are experiencing issues with your product, please contact our service line at 877-344-8999 to receive a prompt response. Our normal business hours are from 8:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

    At times, eHealth Technologies may solicit feedback on product development. Please note this is to support Research and Development efforts that will eventually benefit your organization. We may also distribute supporting materials such as educational videos and presentations through this forum.

    We hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

    To request access to the eHealth Technologies' Customer Forum, please send an e-mail to with the subject title 'Customer Forum Access Request.' Please remember that a work email is required.